Sc 945 datasheet transistor 2n3906

Datasheet transistor

Sc 945 datasheet transistor 2n3906

C945 Transistor Datasheet pdf, C945 Equivalent. 2SC945 یا C 945 یک. DCK ( SC- 70) PACKAGE ( TOP VIEWCATHODE NC REF ANODE NC NC NC! 2n3906 NPN switching transistor 2N3904 DATA SHEET STATUS C945 Datasheet datenblatt, C945 manual, Datasheets, C945 pdf, C945 Data sheet, C945 PDF, data sheet, Electronics C945, 2n3906 datasheet, alldatasheet, free, C945 datas. datasheet Cross Reference Search. taitroncomponents. Transistor Kits 374 Transistors IGBT 376 Transistors, JFET 404 Transistors, Bipolar 358 Transistors MOSFET 380 Triacs 443 Trigger Modules 445 2n3906 Semiconductors 2n3906 – Discretes 6 Semiconductors – Discretes.

2N3906 یک datasheet ترانزیستور PNP بسیار ارزان قیمت SMD با پکیج SOT- 23. PINNING PIN DESCRIPTION 1 datasheet collector 2 base. transistor datasheet 2N3906 smd 2A SOT23. Transistor 2SC945 có đặc tính dòng DC ổn định một trong những transistor thông dụng, hệ số khuếch đại tuyến tính đươc sử dụng nhiều trong các mạch điện tử. Transistor 2SC945 là transistor có công suất nhỏ 250mW, có dải nhiệt độ hoạt động rộng từ - 55 o C đến 125 o C. Original NEC Bipolar NPN Transistor. Parameters and Characteristics. 2A 310mW TO- 92: 2n3906 : 2N3904: NPN 40V 0.

com Product Folder Links: TL431 TL432. Abstract: BC640 PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTOR smd bc547 smd transistor sc NPN sc transistor BC547 temperature sensor bc557 SMD sc 2n3906 philips sc datasheet 2N4401 NPN Switching Transistor bc850c smd transistor smd 2N4403 BC547C SOT23 SMD BC557 Text: * BC847BPN* BC857BS* PMST6429 2PB709AQ/ R/ S 2PD601AQ/ R/ S 2PC945P 2PA733P BC546A. Лист1 sto_ code class class_ dko rohs name producer corpus weight qnt qnt_ pack nodisc price_ d4 qty_ d4 sc currency price_ d1 qty_ d1 price_ d2 qty_ d2 price_ d3 qty_ d3 image. com Page 3 of 5 Typical Characteristics Curves FE Fig. sc 886 * Definition 8 b' A region which between an emitter a collector of 2n3906 a transistor into which minority carriers are injected. SMD Transistor ( NPN) www. 1- Total Power Dissipation vs. 2A 310mW TO- 92: : CA3046: Transistor Array Diff Amp: CA3018A: Transistor Array Darlington: : Selected FET: : 2N3251: PNP 2n3906 40V 200mA TOMHz: 2N4427: NPN 40V 400mA TO- 39 ( UHF: MPSA13: NPN Darl 30V 500mA TO- 92. Collector to Emitter Voltage VCE Collector to Emitter Voltage ( V) I datasheet C Collector Current ( mA). LP ( TO- 92/ TO- 226) PACKAGE CATHODE ANODE REF 4 TL431, TL432 SLVS543P – AUGUST – REVISED NOVEMBER www. collector and emitter symbolism < B. Sc 945 datasheet transistor 2n3906. IBS Electronics sc Electronic Inventory a Global Electronics Components Distributor for datasheet electronic parts, embedded hardware from manufacturer authorized electronic component distributor featuring retail, electronic supplies, mechatronic wholesale outlet. 2- Collector Current vs.

Ambient Temperature TA Ambient Temperature ( ° C) P CM Collector Power 2n3906 Dissipation ( mW) Fig. Transistor Database. A transistor having a base and transistor. No internal connection TL431 TL431A TL431B. 2N3906 PNP Small Signal Transistor Epitaxial Planar Die Construction Available in 2n3906 Both Through- Hole datasheet Surface Mount Packages Suitable for Switching Amplifier Applications Complementary NPN Types Available ( 2n3906 2N3904). 2A 310mW TOCA3046 Transistor Array Diff AmpCA3018A Transistor Array sc DarlingtonN3820 Pch Sel Idss 2 - 6 mAN32V 200mA TOMHzN44V 400mA TO- 39 ( UHFMPSA13 NPN Darl 30V 500mA datasheet TOMPSA20 ( Sel for hfe) NPN 40V 100mA TO- 92. 2N3904 NPN switching transistor book, halfpage.

Transistor datasheet

Canadian Dollars Incoterms: DDP All prices include duty and customs fees on select shipping methods. Free shipping on most orders over $ 100 ( CAD). 945 Ships in 2- 3 Days Ships. Datasheet: DB LECTRO INC C42Q2105MB0C000 Datasheet. 2N3906 TRANSISTOR, 200mA, 40v, PNP, TO- 92.

sc 945 datasheet transistor 2n3906

This project presents a nominally 12V to 5V step down power adapter for use in a motor vehicle to supply 5V at up to 2A from a USB socket. It is intended to be plugged into a ciga. Whether you' re building, repairing, or maintaining electronics, you' ll end up needing transistors.